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Pregnancy Chiropractic at White County Family Chiropractic LLC

The Benefits of Prenatal/Postnatal Chiropractic

Pregnant mom standing by windowChiropractic care is extremely safe for both you and your baby, and it can provide many benefits over the course of your pregnancy and beyond.

Your body undergoes a tremendous amount of change in a short time, and that creates stress in your nervous system. Weight gain and a changing center of gravity cause strain on muscles and ligaments, which can throw your hips, pelvis and back out of balance. Hormonal changes contribute to physical and emotional stress that affects how your nervous system functions.

By using safe, gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques, we can help keep your pelvis and sacrum properly aligned, alleviating your discomfort and helping to provide a more open space for your baby’s growth and development, and to get into the best position for birth. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can also help you sleep better and move better.

At White County Family Chiropractic LLC, we like to see our new moms and their babies after delivery as well. The birth process is hard on both of you, and chiropractic care can help your body recover quicker and easier, so you can focus your energy on bonding with your new family member. Checking your baby as soon as possible after birth can help them get off to the best start in life.

Gentle Care from a Female Chiropractor

Dr. Kristen uses extremely gentle adjusting techniques, including Webster, drop table and instrument-assisted adjustments to provide you the care and support you need. We use pregnancy pillows to help you lie down comfortably, reducing tension on your back.

Currently in training for her International Chiropractic Pediatric Association certifications, Dr. Kristen is committed to providing the best natural care during your pregnancy. There are very few female chiropractors in White County, and many of our practice members seek us out because they feel more heard and cared for with a female doctor.

Start Today

Starting chiropractic care as soon as you know you’re pregnant will give us the opportunity to help your body adapt to all the changes as effortlessly as possible. Contact us today to book.

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